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Airtronics Sanwa MT-4 Telemetry Radio Review

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Video posted in Youtube by: RC Stuff - Contact him if you have any queries

Finally! The Airtronics Sanwa MT-4 Telemetry Radio Review. I've finally had time to set this up with the Blitz ESE Pro. This review covers my perspective on the radio, and on the telemetry setup.

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Comments on this video
Good review. Part ... ( 2 years ago por MrRiddington)
Good review. Part one was more enjoyable part two a little long. Part one
great info for getting up and going quick.
Thanks a million! ... ( 2 years ago por Dan P)
Thanks a million! That's exactly what it was...had to reset the esc.
will it run my ... ( 2 years ago por WhiteWidowHerb)
will it run my tamiya tundra withe 3 speed tranny and a winch
Thanks! I need to ... ( 2 years ago por RC Stuff)
Thanks! I need to order more receivers and temp sensors when I can afford
to, so I can use this with multiple cars.
P.S. does the back ... ( 2 years ago por WhiteWidowHerb)
P.S. does the back light up
dose this radio got ... ( 1 year ago por pprriimmoopro)
dose this radio got lcd back light?
is it compatible ... ( 1 year ago por Theo Dounis)
is it compatible with the rc8.2e 1/8 scale team associated buggy kit.
I don't have that ... ( 1 year ago por RC Stuff)
I don't have that kit, so, not sure.
Yes it is. I'm ... ( 1 year ago por Sean Lewis)
Yes it is. I'm runnin RC8.2e with tekin T8 1900kv/RX8 with savox servo and
my MT-4 works perfectly. And it also fits beautifully, hopefully hooking up
my telemetry soon
Good question, I ... ( 2 years ago por RC Stuff)
Good question, I don't really know. The cables are definitely short! If you
make it work, make a video! I'd like to see it. (plus I'd like to see the
5th scale!)
If you can afford ... ( 1 year ago por Zac oriah)
If you can afford Airtronics or Futaba, then get it. If not, and you want
something "cool" for cheap, then get a fly sky. makes a ... ( 2 years ago por Eric Stumpy) makes a backlight kit for this for $55 shipped
Finally! ( 2 years ago por RC MANIAC - BASHER RC)
Thank you for this ! ( 1 year ago por RE7WERKS)
Thank you for this !
Will do ( 2 years ago por Eric Stumpy)
Will do
it does not come ... ( 1 year ago por RC Stuff)
it does not come with it, but supposedly you can buy the part to make it
work. I have not pursued it.
I'm loving this ... ( 2 years ago por Dan P)
I'm loving this remote! I just rec'd my second RX-461 receiver from China
today and plan on installing that on a Hpi Bullet. I also ordered the Yeah
Racing MT-4 Sensor Upgrade Kit from the same place. It's on YouTube if you
want more info on the kit.
Hi guys, should I ... ( 1 year ago por David Lim)
Hi guys, should I buy this mt-4??? Currently, I'm using spektrum dx2s & it
seen that its quite impressive!
David get the ... ( 1 year ago por fisch namenlos)
David get the airtronics m12
Good review! I ... ( 2 years ago por crackedaces)
Good review! I think you are correct on the telemetry setup. On different
chassis like an AWD buggy or SCT I believe you would have more room to
mount such a sensor. I also have this radio and I can use your review as a
short cut for my learning curve. I ordered another temp sensor (p/n
AIR99151) just so I can have tabs on the ESC as well as the motor.
It binds to the ... ( 2 years ago por RC Stuff)
It binds to the receiver, not the ESC. Once that is done, the ESC needs to
be re setup. search youtube for HPI ESC Setup. (I can't put links in
Where did you get ... ( 1 year ago por Paul Hancok)
Where did you get the shocks from please?
Has anyone tried ... ( 5 months ago por Skyfast 123)
Has anyone tried some telemetry software compatible with M12 like Fidelio?
I'm searching some info. about it, this is the link to their facebook page. (I'm interested to Basic ver.)

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